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The Unofficial and Unapproved web site of:
Hang Gliding in Dunlap CA

This is the first page of many to come. The links do not work yet, but check back often for news, videos, picture galleries and general Hang Gliding Information.

Home of the national hang gliding championships (hang gliding competitions) and the regional championships (back in the 1980's)
Dunlap is one of the BEST places in the world to fly a hang glider!

Located just off highway 180 just a few miles from Kings Canyon / National parks.

Cross country hang gliding flights of up to 40 miles and altitude gains of more than 6,000 feeet have been recorded.

If you want to fly there and land at the Dome property,
You need to contact Dan Fleming for permission,

. Call him (559) four three five - three five nine six

Dan has been flying since 1974 and his students were the first to fly and first to soar at Dunlap, California in 1978.

and remember : never ever never, land at the elementary school or on a public road



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Dunlap CA Landing area