Dunlap is one of the BEST places
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The Unofficial and Unapproved web site of:
Hang Gliding in Dunlap CA

Help keep open the:Burl mountain,

Tollhouse Hang Gliding / Paragliding / Rock climbing site.

Time is running out! The U.S. Forest service must get your coments by June 22, 2010
Fellow flyers rock climbers,
Our toll house flying rock climbing site is about to be permanently closed. The U.s Forest service wants to close the road that gets us to the take-off. We are starting a letter writing campaign to ask the forest service to open the road we use to get to the take-off. Please ask anyone who has ever flown there or anyone who wants to fly there, to write a letter and E:mail it to the Forrest service as instructed below: Thanks for getting the word out! Tollhouse is a 2000 foot vertical Calif launch site. Summer conditions regularly allow 3 to 4 thousand foot gains above launch. Site record is 6500 altitude gain above the launch. Many cross country flights were made from there to the north and to the south , up to 50 miles, and it regularly has a great 2000 foot above evening glass off in the summer. This is a wonderful site and should not be allowed to go by the way side, just because someone wants to lock a gate. please take the time to write a letter and call the Forrest service office to tell them to to allow access to our favorite place to hang glide, paraglide and rock climb.

Email to:
subject line must include:
"Travel Management Comments"

If you have time run off a copy of your letter and mail it.
Mail To:
Supervisor:"Travel Management Comments"
U.S. forest service
1600 Tollhouse Road
Clovis, CA 93611-0532
Call the supervisor of travel management @
(a letter would be better and it unlikely to get through to actual person) (559)297-0706

Example letter: Don't copy this verbatum (you can do a better job than I)

Include your own reasons for wanting the flying / climbing site to remain open it's value to the economy of Fresno county, how we tread lightly and care for the forest, any great experiences you have had there, share experiences you hope to have there Etc... Be polite and businesslike, Please! .

To Whom it may concern -

This letter is written in opposition to the closure of the Burrough Mountain road in Tollhouse, CA. Closure of this road, due to its, inclusion in the National Forest Service DEIS will isolate many sportsman from one of the most beautiful and enjoyed areas in the Central Sierra. By closing the road you are effectively removing this site from 'useable' public lands.

I have enjoyed this site while hiking, rock climbing, and paragliding (a form of hang gliding) for more than 30 years. The latter two sports require equipment that can not be hiked into the area without considerable effort. The Burrough Mountain road should remain open for use by those who utilize the area for recreation and relaxation.

The Tollhouse area has been climbed and flown for decades and it would be a travesty to isolate this area from those who appreciate the area and use it with consideration and conservation in mind.

Thank you for your consideration of this position.


Dunlap CA Landing area

OLD NEWS: "Dunlap PG National Meet" Comes to Dunlap 2009 ???

I talked to everyone I could find at :The Central Valley Hang Gliding Asso. and I could not find anyone who knows anything about the competetion being held at the Dunlap flying site. No one has contacted the land owner of the Dome property to give or to get Info or permission to land or enter the property for camping during the event. So I assume that the paragliders will not be landing at the dome property for the competition. I went to the Dunlap flight park site and their calendar does not list the event (here) http://dunlapflightpark.org/events.aspx

I can't find any of the locals that even know that this event is being held. Seems kind of strange given that we could be volunteer drivers or put on a BBQ or invite our friends in the media to come up and film/ photograph/ write stories that might promote the sport in general. In the past the CVHGA 's membership and families have donated countless hours to the USHGA (now ushpa) competitions to ensure a fine experience for the competitors and spectators. The only thing I can find on the competition so far is this little tid-bit on the OZ Report saying that Jugdeep wants to have Connie removed from her position as the meet director....from here:


My complete, unabridged notes are as follows:

Dunlap PG National Meet—Both Jugdeep and Connie Locke have had a tough time communicating.  JA has asked to have Connie dropped as a co-organizer and meet director.  Connie Locke believes this comp will be in jeopardy if the local flying community is not involved.  Connie Locke is that connection.  Connie Locke does not want to be taken off and believes her commitment to the landowners and locals.

PARAPHRASE of the MOTION: (Dick Heckman) To reject both requests for changes to the Dunlap sanctioning application.  PASSES w/o dissent.

PARAPHRASE of the MOTION: (Rich H./Dick Heckman) To Request that the co-meet directors agree to binding arbitration with the Urs K.  and Dave Wills as to how the meet will be managed.  Both parties must agree by noon tomorrow to binding arbitration and the binding arbitration must be substantially complete within one week.  If the parties do not agree to participate in the mediation, the sanctioning will be pulled.  PASSES w/o dissent.  Mike Haley will call Jug and let him know what the CC has decided.

Apr.30 - 2009

OK, I found out what happened from a maybe reilable source. It seems Jugdeep wanted to run the meet And compete in the meet at the same time.... Sounds like a story grandpa told me, "The fox said to the farmer, honest I will watch all these eggs carefully and I will not eat any of then when you are not looking." So the meet goes on as schedueled. AND no arrangements were made to land at the dome property as of this writing. ( Ecept for a few good friends who made personal arrangements with Dan.

That's it so far.......

Tim A. Fleming

If you want to fly there and land at the Dome property,
You need to contact Dan Fleming for permission,

. Call him (559) four three five - three five nine six

Dan has been flying since 1974 and his students were the first to fly and first to soar at Dunlap, California in 1978.

and remember : never ever never, land at the elementary school or on a public road


   Photo by Tim A. Fleming